Monday, March 31, 2014

the announcement

Since telling my boss was the last hurdle, we decided to shoot an announcement to tell everyone this weekend.

Naturally, the photos were shot by my super talented husband with

I got a bunch of texts asking me how we got Asher to cry, but honestly, he was crying in every shot.  He was not feeling having his picture taken at all.  Once we put the camera away, he was in a super awesome mood and just happy as a little clam.  So it goes with my Asherboy.

Lucas had notes about the wardrobe, of course, but he was a good sport and wore what I wanted him to.  Looking at the final product, I marveled again at how big Lucas has gotten.  He's a total manchild.  I mean, look how long his fingers are.

The chalk board is something we've had for years.  My dad made it out of the side of Lucas' old crib, and some chalk board paint.  My dad is a crafty fellow.  I love it and was so excited to be able to use it.

We shot the photo at Sar-Ko-Par Park in Lenexa.  Lots of great spots to shoot there, as evidenced by the ton of photographers that are there on nice days.  We've gotten so many great photos there over the years though.  I recommend it.

So, here it is :)